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The quality of your tap water at home can vary and depends on many factors such as the region where you live, your municipal water supply, etc.…Think about the distance traveled by water from the outlet of your municipal water treatment plant to your kitchen’s faucet. You have probably already heard about water lead contamination due to old pipelines, or plastic microfibers pollution due to legal or illegal discharge of containers in water sources, or even organic pesticides. Pollutants can leak out of wastewater treatment and industrial plants and enter the water supply.

Therefore, tap water can contain pollutants such as microplastics, pesticides, heavy metals(lead,mercury etc.) , chlorine, fluoride, arsenic and even radioactive compounds. These pollutants can be harmful for your health if not maintained at low concentrations or traces. Even when kept at the level of traces, pollutants can lead to long-term health issues.

Do you really know what's in your tap water?

The problem with Water pitchers

Many people across the globe use a water pitcher to filter and store tap water before drinking it.

Did you know that most of the water pitchers available in the market (including most famous brands) are not capable of filtering out most of the pollutants that might be in your tap water? Some pollutants are partially removed, but most are not eliminated at all.

Ok you maybe knew that…but did you know about the breeding ground problem in water pitchers? Did you hear about secondary water pollution?

Let us explain…city water contains bacteria that comes from biofilm (bacteria that grow in the surface) in the pipes. Water pitcher cartridges are playgrounds for bacteria and microorganisms to grow and develop. This increased concentration of bacteria can threaten the safety of your water. While your pitcher cartridge is filtering some pollutants from your tap water, it is actually adding and increasing bacteria and microorganisms to your tap water.

You are probably asking yourself…what’s now? How can I drink my tap water being sure that all the harmful pollutants and bacteria are filtered out?

The solution – The BluAct “All-in-One” for ultimate water filtration

BluAct Technologies has the solution for you. BluAct All-in-One is a water filtration system capable of filtering out all the pollutants you might find in your tap water, protecting your water from secondary pollution.

 The technology behind The BluAct “All-in-One” solution 

The BluAct All-in-One solution instantly filters out all the contaminants you might find in your tap water, from pesticides to heavy metals and even bacteria… everything is removed. How? With a four stage filtration cartridge: 1) a plant-based washable fabric removes macroparticles and dust, 2) a coconut carbon block purifies the water taste, odour and microfiltration, 3) the BluAct patented granulated media with milk proteins removes the heavy metals and organic pollutants, and 4) a last stage of hollow fibers removes the microbiologic contaminants of the water.

This is ultimate water purification.

Just filter what you need, when you need it. With the diverter valve attached to the faucet, you can choose when to filter water. you can use clean filtered water to prepare your favorite drinks, from your coffee/tea in the morning to your detox waters to stay hydrate all day long. Don’t’ forget to use safe filtered water to rinse your veggies and fruits.  

Wherever you live around the globe, connect a BluAct countertop All in One to your faucet and drink tap water safely.

The Product is certified by the world health organization (WHO) under the household water treatment system (HWTS) scheme, at the NSF international laboratories in Michigan, USA, Swiss government and it is in compliance with food contact regulations. 

Single-use plastic water bottles are polluting our oceans, rivers, streets, landfills and poisoning our air when they're burned in incinerators. One million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute. Experts predict that there will be one pound of plastic in the ocean for every three pounds of fish by 2025.

The product is available in chrome and white color.

1 Swiss Franc (CHF) is approximately equal to 1 United States Dollar (USD).

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